miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

que pasa con la guerra de guionistas????

os dejo como quedan las series en USA por la guerra de guionistas:


According to Jim--In production through January, debuted January 1
Big Shots--13 of 13 episodes complete,
Boston Legal--14 of 22, production stops December 14
Brothers & Sisters--12 episodes complete,
Cashmere Mafia--Premiered January 6
Cavemen--12 or 13 of 13 completed, no word on full-season pickup
Desperate Housewives--Nine of 22, returned to the air January 6
Dirty Sexy Money--Picked up for full season, but only 13 episodes completed
Eli Stone--13 of 13 complete, midseason debut not announced yet
Grey's Anatomy--11 of 22 episodes finished, returns to air January 10
Lost--Eight of 16 episodes completed, production stopped. January 31.
Men In Trees--19 of 22 episodes finished, first five were unaired from season one
Miss/Guided--Midseason launch, no date released yet
Notes from the Underbelly--Unknown
October Road--Unknown
Private Practice--Picked up for full season, only 10 of 22 episodes finished
Pushing Daisies--Picked up for full season, only nine episodes completed
Samantha Who?--Picked up for full season, only 12 of 22 produced
Ugly Betty--10 of 22 episodes completed, returns to air January 10
Womens Murder Club--10 of 13 episodes expected, n


Big Bang Theory--Eight episodes complete, p
Cane--13 of 13 episodes expected,
CSI--11 of 22 episodes finished
CSI: Miami--13 of 24 complete
CSI: NY--14 of 24 episodes complete
Ghost Whisperer--Unknown, currently 12 in the schedule
How I Met Your Mother--11 episodes complete
Jericho--Complete seven-episode season February 12
Moonlight--Approximately 11 of 12 finished,
NCIS--13 of 22 episodes finished
Numb3rs--12 of 22 episodes finished
Rules of Engagement--Nine of 22 completed
Shark--11 produced
Welcome to the Captain--Unknown, debuts February 4
The New Adventures of Old Christine--Eight episodes finished, January 28
The Unit--11 of 22 expected to be completed
Two and a Half Men--11 of 22 episodes finished
Without a Trace--12 of 22 episodes completed


Aliens In America--17 of 22 episodes complete
Everybody Hates Chris--All 22 episodes complete
Girlfriends--10 of 22 episodes complete
Gossip Girl--13 of 22 episodes complete
Life Is Wild--12 of 13 episodes complete
One Tree Hill--12 episodes complete
Reaper--13 of 13 episodes complete
Smallville--Unknown for certain, 12-14 of 22 expected
Supernatural--12 of 22 expected, confirmed by showrunner Eric Kripke


24--Season delayed indefinitely
American Dad--22 of 22 episodes complete
Back to You--Nine of 24 episodes complete, picked up for full season
Bones--12 of 22 episodes complete
Canterbury Law--Unknown, set to debut April 14
Family Guy--19 of 22 episodes expected to be complete, moving forward without creator
House--12 of 22 episodes completed
K-Ville--10 of 13 episodes complete, no word on full-season pickup
King of the Hill--21 of 22 episodes complete
New Amsterdam--Unknown, will debut March 10
Prison Break--13 episodes complete, on break until January 14
Return of Jezebel James--Unknown, debuts March 14
Rules of Starting Over--Unknown
The Simpsons--22 of 22 episodes complete
Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles--13 of 13 episodes complete, debuts January 13
Til Death--11 of 22 episodes complete


30 Rock--10 episodes complete
Bionic Woman--Nine of 13 complete,
Chuck--13 of 22 completed,
ER--13 episodes complete
Friday Night Lights--15 of 22 episodes complete
Heroes--11 finished, season ended with conclusion of "Volume 2."
Journeyman--12 of 13 episodes completed,
Las Vegas--19 episodes complete
Law & Order--19 episodes expected, January 2
Law & Order: SVU--14 of 22 episodes complete
Law & Order: Criminal Intent--moved to NBC from USA Network, begins Jan 9
Life--Unknown, picked up for full season after strike began
Lipstick Jungle--Debuts February 7
Medium--Nine of 22 episodes completed, season debuts January 7
My Name Is Earl--13 of 22 episodes completed
The Office--Eight episodes complete, currently in reruns
Scrubs--11 episodes complete

pd: gracias a miamisteve

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